Do You Want Some Changes in Your Life?

303-800Think About the People Call Your Friends
Who you hang out with says a lot about who you are… and who you are becoming! Be selective when it comes to picking close friends. Be selective when it comes to the person you are dating.

  • Expect RESPECT
  • Expect TRUST
  • Expect HONESTY

Don’t settle for anything less!

Would you say that the people you hang out with are the kinds of friends with pure motives?

  •  Do they have integrity in their actions?
  •  Would they stand by you and really help you when you need them to be your friend?
  •  Would they lead you into risky behaviors in the name of “fun”?
  •  Do you feel comfortable in their homes and with their families?
  •  Are others warning you about them for any reason?

These are all things to think about when choosing friends AND dating partners.

 Are you Struggling with Low Self-Esteem?

Believe it or not, that can change!

Have a vision for yourself….
A vision of who you are and, who you want to become. A vision of what you want for your life. Then set goals and make the kinds of choices that support that vision. Make positive, purposeful choices for yourself.

 How clear are you about what your values are?

  • Has anything happened that has made you question your values?
  • If you know your values, and you know what you believe, you know yourself.
  • What do your values tell you about yourself?
  •  Does something in your value-system need to change, so you can feel better about yourself?

Low self-esteem affects the choices you make…
Setting positive goals and making purposeful choices can raise your self-esteem.

If you could design a banner/bumper sticker about yourself, what would you like it to say?

Need help in making decisions?

Did you know that sometimes you rationalize your own decisions because of what other people say or think about you?

  • Here is a trick to figuring out what is right or wrong for you:
  • Are you facing a decision?
  • What is your stomach telling you?
  • Is your stomach tense? Queasy? Upset? Your stomach is often a better indicator of how you really feel about a situation and about your sense of right and wrong, than your head is.

If your stomach is giving you a sense of “caution,” it is best to say no to the situation at least until you find out more about what this decision will all mean for you!

Unsure of What You Should Do in a Situation?

Consider possible outcomes of your actions.

Know why you are making decisions.

  • Are you making a decision out of fear, guilt, pressure, or reason?
  • Will this decision be in line with your value-system of right and wrong?
  • Outside pressures affect the way you make choices.
  • Are other people pressuring you to do something you are not sure you really want to do?
  • Be sure you are seeing the BIG PICTURE beyond today!


Do not go by wishful thinking—–be sure you know the facts of what you are getting into! Think about someone you respect, someone who acts with honesty and integrity. How would this person react in your situation?