Decision Making Guide


To Begin:

  1. List all your choices / alternatives in the left hand column.
  2. Gather information about each choice.
  3. List the advantages and disadvatages of each choice.
  4. Write down what you think might be the possible outcome in your life with each of the choices available to you. In other words, think about what will happen to you, or to your current relationships, or to your self-esteem with each choice you list. What choices can you feel good about?

After you have thought about your options and considered their possible outcome in your life, now think about the following:

  • What are your feelings about each choice?
  • What are your feelings about each advantage?
  • What are your feelings about each disadvantage?
  • How do you feel about the consequences of each outcome possibility?
  • How do you feel about yourself in each of these possible situations? What choice will make you a better person?
  • How will each alternative affect other people?
  • What do you believe is right? (What are your personal values)?
  • What will you do? On what have you based this decision?

In considering the consequences of each alternative:

It is important to have correct and full information as you consider each option. Don’t go by wishful thinking — know the facts!

In Considering Personal Values:

Understand that most of the values we hold come from the training and experiences we received as we were growing up. Many consider their religious upbringing to provide solid truths and a solid value system by which to live. Others have struggled with family problems, and their values become confused.

Beliefs about honesty, loyalty, and ethics become foggy as life is experienced in a dysfunctional manner. What we consider to be necessary gets mixed up with what is right. Other times we look at society in general and see only what is commonly being practiced. Consider values very heavily when making decisions of any kinds. Know what you are basing your decisions upon…. Facts, feelings, what others may think, pressures, values, etc.

Listen to Your Stomach!

Sometimes our heads tell us one thing, and our stomachs another. If you have thought about an action, but your stomach continues to have butterflies, it might be that your conscience is telling you to slow down and rethink your decision. Choose well. Make an informed choice!
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